Privacy Protector for Windows

Everyone loves to use upgraded technology, especially when it comes to operating systems. With an appealing look and interactive features, Windows 10 clearly seems to be the first choice in latest operating systems. However, a question that has of late haunted privacy experts is does Windows 10 spy on you? If we take into account all the data that gets collected from your computer to be sent to Microsoft, Windows 10 spying would seem to be a key feature of Microsoft's latest operating system. For all the smart technology they provide for you to seamlessly run your computer, is it really worth sharing your data unknowingly and innocently letting Windows 10 spy on you?

If it does not sound scary yet, take a quick glance at the kind of data you have been sharing through Microsoft's Windows spy. The moment you log on to your computer, Windows 10 begins to log all your activities, including your browser history, Wi-Fi passwords, email and other log on passwords, approximate location, parts of emails and chat transcripts, calendars, and all applications installed on your system. Believe it or not, using its in built technology, it also registers every single key you have ever used, So, the question is not - does Windows 10 spy on you, it is to what extent do they violate your privacy by sharing your data with its maker.

At this point you might be wondering why on earth you installed such spy Windows on your system, and contemplating switching to an older version of Windows that might not have a tracking feature. However, that might not work out so well. The primary reason is that Microsoft is planning on imbibing these features in its older versions as well, and also, soon the older versions might be removed from the market, leaving you only with Windows 10 and higher versions, making matters worse. The smart way to deal with this is to install a tool such as SoftOrbits Privacy Protector that disables the tracking feature. Its very own privacy settings allow you to choose the apps and Windows tracking that you would like to disable, thus giving you, and not Microsoft, the complete control on your system.

Your safety and privacy is in your own hands, and this software could help you peacefully use your system without having to constantly look over your shoulder.

Posted by Eugene . Last updated on 2019-12-09

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