Protecting Windows 10 Privacy with Privacy Protector

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The controversial Windows 10 privacy issues have seen the need of protecting Microsoft’s users with SoftOrbits Privacy Protector. The tool offers a solution, and that’s to protect Windows 10 users from Microsoft’s activities of collecting data on their PC’s and transmitting it back to their servers. This violation of privacy can be put on a check by this handy tool, where a user can block Microsoft servers from accessing their systems. The program serves both in commercial and personal purposes.

How the tool protects

Windows 10 privacy concerns make Privacy Protector effective by deleting the Windows 10 Data Collection and Telemetry system and also disable the other tracking systems. These help to disable the tracking services that can’t be completely stopped even by disabling the features on the Windows control panel.
The all in one program allows the user to disable specific Windows 10 applications. These are the apps that work in the background, and they collect and transmit your personal data.

Other services that it offers is disabling the Keylogger that automatically sends to Microsoft servers all the data typed on the keyboard. It also disables Windows 10 updates, privacy spies, crawlers, and blocks IP addresses among other services.

Other Features of Privacy Protector

Windows 10 Privacy Protector has the features to help in un-installing Metro, non-Metro and Universal Apps that are not constantly used by your PC and among them are; Solitaire Games, Xbox, 3D Builder, Mail, Webcam, Calendar. Uninstalling the apps is an efficient way of boosting the PC's performance for it releases the RAM by stopping these background tracking apps.

The ease in the use of this utility tool is straightforward, and it requires minimal computer expertise. However, it’s important to create a restore point, which enables you to recover the PC back to its earlier state if you’re actions change, the configurations. Keeping your information private is now a priority, and there is no better way than to use Privacy Protector for Windows 10.

Posted by Eugene . Last updated on 2019-12-25

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