Disable Windows 10 Tracking with Privacy Protector

While Windows 10 is a seemingly user-friendly operating system, it comes with features that track your system data, including your personal data such as passwords and browser history, and send them to Microsoft. In order to avoid such blatant intrusiveness, it is important to learn how to disable Windows 10 tracking. It might look like the data they are tracking is completely harmless, but unless you disable Windows 10 tracking, you might not be able to use your system in complete peace of mind. Microsoft may be committed to protecting user data, but it is undeniable that data leaks and hacks happen almost every day. With cybercrimes on the rise, it is better to disable Windows 10 tracking, and be safe rather than sorry.

Protecting your privacy from Windows 10 tracking does not have to be too difficult. With tools such as SoftOrbits Privacy Protector, you could rely on an efficient Windows tracking software to rise to the occasion. To stop Windows tracking, the software removes several tracking services, including Cortana, Media Center, Power Efficiency Diagnostics, Windows Search, Application Experience, and many more. Further, it prevents transmission of your microphone and webcam recordings (yes, you were really transmitting those to Microsoft so far), and blocks IP addresses from tracking networks, which means, you can feel safe about your location. Well, you might be thinking this is great, but how do I use my system without being tracked if it is not Windows 10? Be rest assured, this software fixes tracking feature updates on Windows 7 and 8, too. Additionally, you get to decide which apps or features you want to block, and thus gain full control on your system, which is rightfully yours.

With the world becoming smaller and more transparent with each passing day, it is only natural to raise questions when your privacy is threatened. Once a tool that disables Windows tracking starts to reside in your system, you might not need to worry about being unfairly watched any more.

Posted by Eugene . Last updated on 2019-12-25

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