Removing Watermarks from PDF Files

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Manipulating data, information or photos on PDF files is extremely challenging for many of us. This is due to how they are programmed to be non-editable. Removing watermarks from PDF is no different. Upon manipulation, PDF files can get really messed up, especially when you are trying to remove an item from them. This makes the process of removing watermarks from PDFs quite exigent and demanding even if it is for good reasons.

Nevertheless, such hurdles are meant to be broken and this has eventually been achieved. Removing watermarks from PDFs has become quite the opposite of exacting, thanks to PDF Logo Remover by SoftOrbits.

How does it work?

PDF Logo Remover is an application designed by SoftOrbits to ease us of all the stress we go through when trying to remove a watermark and other unwanted items from a PDF. Some of the tasks it performs include:
a) Enhance visibility and readability.
Watermarks can prove to be quite annoying. This is because they prevent us, the readers, from perceiving information from this PDF files with ease. They cause clutter and may sometimes reduce contrast. The PDF Logo Remover cleans the background by removing the watermarks hence improving your reading experience.

b) Batch cleaning.
This tool indeed makes your work easier through its readily available Batch Mode. It allows you to erase watermarks from multiple images provided the same watermark is in all of them. Moreover, you can also use this feature to remove any kind of images, logos, headers and footer images, just to mention a few.
c) Helps in saving ink and toner.
Instead of using extra toner and ink to print PDF files that have darker background, cleaning up the files will prove very economical both in the short and long run. What other tool to use for this purpose than PDF Logo Remover.

d) Quality maintenance.
PDF Logo Remover maintains the integrity of the PDF files during the process of removing unwanted objects from them. No losses will thus be incurred upon performing this task. As if not enough, the original formatting is usually fully preserved hence it can be retrieved at any given time.
e) Add your own watermarks.
PDF Logo Remover not only removes watermarks from PDFs but also offers an additional incentive of embedding your own image, watermarks and logos in it. If this feature is not sufficient enough to convince you that this is the app for you, then what is!

Posted by Eugene . Last updated on 2019-12-09

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