Improve your User Experience with the PDF Watermark Remover

PDF Watermark Remover from SoftOrbits is a solution for easy removal of any watermarks, logos, signatures, stamps and any other images embedded on your PDF pages. It’s efficient as a watermark remover for PDF for it only removes the images without affecting the data on the files and maintains their original formats and layouts.

First, download the tool and then, with an easy installation process, you’re now ready to start with just a click to delete the unwanted watermarks. Here is how to use PDF watermark remover.

Step 1: Select the Source of the PDF file by clicking on the tab at the end of the Source PDF file, and when the Open window appears, select the location the original PDF file.
Step 2: The original PDF file lists on the "Image Watermark List in the source PDF" window on the left. Select the file to work with and Click the "Add" tab which will copy the file to the "Watermarks to Remove" on the right.
Step 3: Click on the PDF file here followed by the "Next" tab. It will display a list of the source files where on the "Add More" tab; you have the option for PDF watermark remover to apply on other multiple files. You can choose to change the location of the default Destination folder.

Step 4: Click next, and the process happens in the blink of an eye and, it's finished. The results of the PDF watermark remover are in the destination folder, with no embedded images.

The watermark remover PDF guarantees to remove all your embedded images without changing the original data. The tool is small and easy to download for an evaluation and you can upgrade to PDF water remover full. This wonderful tool assists users to improve the readability of the pages, cuts on printing costs by conserving ink and it saves you the time to process the removal of watermarks on multiple files.

Posted by Eugene . Last updated on 2019-12-09

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