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Do you sometimes wonder how a painting of yourself or a particular photo would look? But let's face it, commissioning a painting can be rather expensive. So why not opt for the next best thing, Picture to Painting Converter! This “make photo into painting” application makes photos look so much like real paintings. And all you have to do is download the app and proceed to making photo into painting with a few clicks and tweaks.

Types of Presets

The application is designed to imitate three types of painting styles, Oil, Watercolor and Impressionism. And as you will notice once you download the app, each preset has several automatic configurations. However, you can adjust them as you wish to achieve optimal results.

How to make a picture into a painting?

The process to make photo like painting is quite easy and only takes 10 seconds to learn. Just upload a picture, select the preferred preset and click Run. Easy, isn't it? Now, look at the masterpiece you've created! Go back to make any alterations or try a different preset. So how is the app able to make photo into painting? The program uses algorithms that emulate brush strokes and modify the straight lines of a photograph into remarkable painting strokes.

Experiment with various effects

As mentioned earlier, the program imitates three painting styles, and under each there are several presets. For instance, the Abstraction preset, which is a watercolor effect, will make the dullest photos looking vibrant. And if you're going for a Renoir or Monet kind of feel, then the impressionism preset it is.

Make a picture into a painting in Batch Mode

The Batch Mode is quite convenient if you're looking to convert several photos. Just upload them using the Batch Mode and select Run. Once done, you can even print them, frame them and hang them on your walls. How exciting is that?

Additional Tools

Besides turning your photos into paintings, you can use the app to crop, rotate and watermark images.
Told you, you're just minutes away from having a mini gallery in your home. So why not try Picture to Painting Converter today?

Posted by Eugene . Last updated on 2019-12-26

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