Make a Photo Look Like a Painting

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Have you ever wanted to make a photo look like a painting? Your photos may look just fine by themselves but imagine how cool it would be if the photo you love most would be transformed into a pretty picture that can be easily presented to your friends as a painting. You can print it out, or post on Instagram on share on Facebook, just about anywhere and prepare to collect likes and praise!
Making a photo look like a painting is actually pretty simple. You don’t need to spend countless hours learning how to apply the right filters in Photoshop, you can use a simple software instead which has beautiful presets already installed. You can make a picture look like a painting or like a watercolor drawing, without having to draw anything! Even if your school art teacher has always been telling you your drawings are terrible, you can make a drawing out of your photos now easily. And not just a drawing but a whole canvas picture, a piece of art.

What you need to do, is simply download Picture to Painting Converter and follow the steps:

1. Add files that you need to transform. They can be of any type.

2. Select one of the presets. Feel free to experiment, slide the sliders and preview the result.

3. Click Run and look how beautiful your photo looks!

If you want to protect your photos from theft when you post them online, you can add your watermark to the picture as well. To do that, click Add Watermark and add your text or logo to the picture.

We hope you find the best filter for your picture and make it ultimately beautiful!

Posted by Eugene . Last updated on 2019-12-26

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