How to Convert JPG to sketch

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SoftOrbits - a software development company specializing in design of conversion and photo editing tools - is pleased to present its picture to sketch converter, Sketch Drawer. This is unqiue application to convert jpg to sketch.

With its help, you can make creative presents to your friends and family by turning their portraits into sketches. Just imagine how happy they will be to get their hand-drawn portrait framed! Such presents are valuable and respectable, and, what's more, really easy to make. All you need is Sketch Drawer by SoftOrbits and a couple of minutes of free time.

Here's what you'll need to do to make your personalized present:

- Download Sketch Drawer and install it as you would normally do with any other desktop app. - Upload the portrait you wish to convert into sketch. For this, simply use the "Add file(s)" button and select the jpeg photo from your computer. - Change the settings according to your preferences. With SoftOrbits jpg to sketch converter, you can create a B&W or a color sketch. You can also choose different textures, hardness and edges. - Click "Run" to begin the transformation process that will only take a few moments. - Once the sketch you designed is ready, click the "Save as" button to save it as a new file.

Download SoftOrbits image to sketch converter, Sketch Drawer, today to try it for free!

Posted by Eugene . Last updated on 2019-12-16

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