How to make picture into sketch

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Have you seen beautiful hand-drawn pictures in your friends' albums? Do you wish you can do the same to your photos? With Sketch Drawer, you can turn picture to sketch in a matter of seconds!

Sketch Drawer is a specialized program by SoftOrbits designed to convert images into hand-drawn sketches, both, B&W and colored. It has user-friendly interface and it is very easy-to-use. All you need to do to convert picture to pencil sketch is make a couple of clicks.

- The converter has intuitive interface and yet has extended functionality.
- The converter can be used to convert one picture or a batch of pictures at a time.
- The converter creates simple to sophisticated sketches.
Let us go through the picture-to-sketch conversion process in detail so that you can see it is not a big deal at all.

Pictures to Sketch Sconversion Guide for Beginners

You can changes pictures to sketches in simple steps:

- Add picture or a set of pictures you wish to convert into sketch using the "Add picture" button. - Decide on the settings you need to convert picture into sketch. Choose the texture, hardness, detail, B&W or color, etc. Also you may use of ready to use presets to easily get a desired sketching effect. - When you think you are done, click "Run" and wait while the program processes the picture. - Save the result as a separate picture or change the settings to do it all again if you wish to edit the picture one more time (use the Batch Mode toolbar button).

Download Sketch Drawer now! A free trial version is ideal for beginners want to know what they are getting before paying!

Q. How to To turn your photos into sketches?
A. To turn photo int sketch:

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