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Noise on photos can be a real bummer. It’s not always possible to keep the hands steady when taking a picture. Especially when you’re having fun! The resulting image can be quite disappointing, you wanted to see a nice clear picture and instead got this noisy something. Can we fix our past mistakes? Surely, we can learn to take better pictures :) But if the damage is already done, there are some things that might help to fix the situation, namely a noise removal software. One of such software products is Easy Photo Denoise and it can be of tremendous help in image denoising. What we’re going to cover in this article, is denoising pictures in several easy steps. Follow us!

1. Download first and then install the program.
It will take you to a product page and you’ll need to click Download Now to start.
2. First, Add Files by clicking the button:

3. Then we select the Denoise preset.
Feel free to select the one that works better for the amount of noise on your picture. This one goes well with the Middle preset.

4. Click Run and apply the selected preset.

5. If the picture looks a little blurry afterwards, Sharpen it

6. Correct the image, using the Image correction tool, if needed.

Auto correction tool will automatically adjust Brightness, Contour, Saturation and other:

7. One last sharpening and the picture looks perfect!

What you need can be achieved in a couple of clicks. What more can you ask for? Download, launch and denoise. Simple!

Posted by Eugene . Last updated on 2019-12-16

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