How to fix grainy photos

The time of ugly grainy pictures that can’t be fixed by anything is over, thankfully. Or is it? Sometimes it’s hard to produce a perfect picture and it’s not necessarily because you’re a bad photographer, it’s just a coincidence or bad circumstances when your shot comes out grainy all of a sudden. It can happen when the lights aren’t the best and you just have to take the shot, no matter how grainy you think it’s going to turn out, you just can’t miss it. So how to fix grainy photos, that are already taken and are right now the best you’ve got? We suggest using denoising software. It often has special algorithms that can be applied selectively on grainy areas and automatically making the picture much more clear. Here’s how you can accomplish the task using Easy Photo Denoise. See for yourself that fixing grainy photos can be easy indeed.

1. Add a File that you need to fix:

2. Pick the preset.
This is for you to decide whether you need light, soft, medium or strong denoising. We suggest trying on different presets because different pictures might behave differently.

3. After selecting the preset, simply click Run.
The program will automatically fix the grainy areas.

4. Sharpen photo
If the picture appears a little bit blurry after applying the preset, feel free to use Sharpening and get the lines more defined.

And it’s that easy! The program does the job itself, there’s no need to carefully tread the grounds to achieve the result you need. Basically it’s Upload files and click Run.

Posted by Eugene . Last updated on 2019-12-16

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