How to Remove Background from a Picture

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Is it easy to remove background from picture? It can seem like a tough task but it certainly doesn’t have to be. What most people do when they need to perform something with their photos, like adding an effect of some kind or erase an object, is launching Photoshop and starting to try to make something out of it. But the truth is that if you don’t have sufficient Photoshop skills, chances are you won’t be able to do what you want. Or will be but after some time spent trying to figure out how. Do we always have that time? Nope. And not to mention that Photoshop can be quite expensive. While it does cover all the aspects of photo editing, sometimes you need just one thing.

Fortunately, there are programs that are task-specific and you should be able to do what you need in a short time, inexpensively and without too much learning how. These are special picture background removers.
Here’s one program that can help you. The reason for needing this can be different, let’s have a look at an example of removing background on product photos. This can be useful if you’re running a store and would like to have clean photos of your products.


and install Photo Background remover for free

2. Launch the program and add the file that you want to remove the background from:

3. Select the foreground with the green brush:

4. Select the background with the red brush:

5. Adjust the brush radius, if needed.

6. Clear the selection if you make a mistake

7. Remove the background and save the result.

And that’s it! Easy as pie!

You can also add another background:

And process pictures in batch mode:

Whenever you need to remove background, we advise to keep it simple and save your precious time. Photo Background Remover can hopefully help you with that. Good luck!

Posted by Eugene . Last updated on 2019-12-16

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