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SoftOrbits Icon Maker serves for drawing and editing icon files. This graphic editor is developed specifically for processing these tiny images, but provides powerful functionality package that can be compared with advanced professional graphic software. This is the quickest icon creator among solutions offered today. What does make it the best?
First of all, it is a clean and very well-thought user interface. Everything user needs for designing an eye-catching icon is properly allocated on the screen. Drawing tools, special effects, transformation tools, working space, color picker and preview tab - these are basic interface elements of this icon creator. In the main menu you will find additional options for image processing, such as disabled icon generation, resolution picker, color transformation tools, etc.

With this program you do not need any other software for generating icons specifically for some operating system. It contains Windows, Android and iOS icon creator inside. This all-in-one solution allows generating icons for multiple operating systems in batch that significantly reduces time spends for creating the full set of icons for all required systems. Making them all will cost user a few seconds.
Besides app icons, it features cursor and fav icon creator. You can create a custom cursor image instead of a standard one and generate a small icon for your application to show up in the task bar or in the program window.

Posted by Eugene . Last updated on 2019-12-01

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