No Bumps on How to Convert PNG to BMP

While both PNG or Portable Network Graphics and BMP, short for Bitmap Image, involve images and the different means of using them, the two have several differences between them that tend to confuse the average Internet user. These differences often lead to questions on how to convert png to bmp and vice versa.

The most significant difference between the two image file formats has to do with functionality. PNG can actually compress image files, enabling these to come out in significantly smaller sizes, but without unnecessarily losing image information. On the other hand, BMP still has to possess compression properties. As such, the images get to retain their original sizes alongside graphics that are clearly crispier.

The problem with this particular aspect of BMP is that the image files can come out as too large for comfort. Still, this should not really be a big issue especially when the images involved are meant to be printed out. Under BMP settings, high-quality images can be produced in printed form.

The real problem crops up when a PNG-based image needs to be printed in BMP resolution. Obviously, some form of major transformation has to take place. In order to achieve this, a png to bmp converter may have to come into the picture. However, given the basic difference between the two file formats, such an undertaking may be a little too hard to accomplish.

Fortunately, there are software that have been developed in recent years that are able to address this basic difference between PNG and BMP. One such software is the Batch Picture Resizer which is involved in the conversion of images set in various designs.
Unlike other software of similar designs, the Batch Picture is not limited to merely converting JPEG-based images to other formats. It can ably handle several other settings, including PNG and BMP. As such, in order to convert png to bitmap, the Batch Picture is one software that is definitely worth trying out.

Posted by Eugene . Last updated on 2019-12-16

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