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NEF or Nikon Electric Format is a raw file format that comprised all the details needed to create a photo. Almost similar to negative film, NEF file formats are unprocessed image files that use 12-bit files while other formats use only 8-bit. This feature on NEF allows better management of the color depths and shadow portions. Since this image file is uncompressed, editing it would hardly loose the good quality of the images. Most professional photographers prefer NEF file formats for their collection of stored photos. However, the only disadvantage that comes with this kind of image format is that Nikon camera supports various versions of NEF files. With NEF coming in various standards, not all available image software can support NEF.

Only few applications can open NEF file like Softorbits' Batch Picture Resizer.

It is an easy nikon nef converter download that supports various image file formats from JPEG to TIFF, GIF, PNG, BMP and lots of other forms.
It comes with user-friendly interface that makes it easier to operate. Also, Batch Picture Resizer functions in lossless editing tools, thus assuring that your compressed image files will be in its highest quality possible. With this image converting tool, you can now easily open NEF raw files and have it converted into JPEG graphic file formats with still the images in crisp edges and beautiful visual quality. This NEF to JPG converter offers batch mode conversion which allows you to convert multiple images all at the same time. With this useful feature, you are saved from the hassle operation of converting all images one by one.

This NEF to JPEG converter makes it now easier to have your raw files be converted into much compatible file format (JPEG) that works best in web uploading and email attachments. Aside from the converting functions, Batch Picture Resizer also offers other image operations like resizing, embedding watermark and logo, setting pictures into grayscale, flipping, rotating and mirroring the digital images. All these available applications can be performed by this Softorbits' NEF file converter in just within couple of minutes. Unlike other far complicated image software, Batch Picture Resizer comes with simple editing tools that are easy to understand.

How to convert NEF to JPEG

A batch nef to jpeg conversion of a given image file is not exactly a difficult thing to do. This is because there are several software currently available in the market that seeks to address this particular concern. A prime example of this is the Batch Picture Resizer. This particular software is rapidly gaining a reputation for its functionality in terms of converting various file formats to the desired resolution of the user.

Step 1

To convert raw files to JPEG, just open the images with the Batch Picture Resizer application.

Step 2

Click on the appropriate key tools for the necessary adjustments.

Step 3

Go to the output format option and choose JPEG.

Step 4

Hit the Start button to have your images saved in desired file format.

Convert or Resize RAW files in a batch mode

Similarly, to batch convert nef to jpg, Batch Picture should be able to do the trick. This particular program has been receiving great feedback for its various features, but more on its capability to easily convert image files to any number of formats. Image size is hardly a problem as well for the Batch Picture since resizing also happens to be another one of its key functions.

Q. What is NEF format?
A. NEF stands for Nikon Electronic Format and is an image file format that is still in its raw phase. When seen from the standpoint of a photographer, NEF is considered as the equivalent of a photo negative but under a digital setting. As the information found inside a NEF file is largely raw, there is often a need to convert this to a more acceptable form like JPEG or JPG for instance. This becomes specially crucial when the image file needs to be posted on the Internet. The issue, however, is how to change nef to jpg.

Q. What is advantage of NEF Raw Format?
A. Actually, there is nothing wrong with the NEF format per se. A number of photographers are known to prefer the said format as this usually contains more information when viewed from the aspect of image definition and color. Unfortunately, the raw materials used often come in many different types; hence, it is often a bit hard to produce a single or uniform standard when it comes to software development.

Posted by Eugene . Last updated on 2020-02-27

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